Quilting – Portable Design Wall

Portable Design Wall, Quilting

Quilting – Portable Design Wall

I have been missing in action for the last week due to being busy doing some charity quilting, which I’ve never done before until now in retirement. To show appreciation to our local law enforcement officers throughout our county, we have an ambitious goal to do one for everyone of them by next May for National Law Enforcement week. But it is a surprise, so don’t tell.

I have friends that have a large room for their sewing, including a permanent design board on one wall. However, even though I don’t like to admit it, crawling all around on the floor is not as comfortable as it once was. Also, my sewing room is about the size of a pantry, but it is mine and I am happy with where it is in my house. So, with that being said, I have improvised with a temporary design wall.

It is made with just an extra-long piece of wood (think yard stick size but longer), some mid-size or large office clips and 2-3 small nails with heads on them. Two or three will actually be used to hang your new wall on the nails, but several more clipped across the top are nice to audition strips of fabrics.

Hanging Clips for Portable Design Wall, Quilting Tips

You will also need a folding white sheet of fabric like flannel, or the flannel back of an old-fashioned wipeable tablecloth, or you can purchase one that is heavier than flannel. It must have a nap, so that your fabric will stick to it without pinning. I initially started out last year with white flannel but ended up cutting my design walls twice when I needed hard-to-find flannel to put inside face masks that I was making. So, my latest version, I bought from Missouri Star Quilt Company (MSQC) when it was on sale. It is heavier and not appropriate for face masks. Oh… then you need a large wall where you can leave it up for a few days. Having understanding family members helps. Mine is next to the kitchen table. But if I had little ones eating there, it would probably be somewhere else.



When I am not using the design board, it is easy to take down and put away. The other good thing that I have found about a design wall, is you can ‘audition’ your fabrics and get a better view of how they are going to look before cutting. Seeing things from eye level certainly can have its advantages. I have included photos here of my simple, but efficient solution for making a design wall… and saving the knees. Happy Quilting!       ~ terre


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Sourdough walnut cinnamon muffins.tch.SAV

Getting low on bread? I’m finding myself during these times of shortages at grocery stores doing more things for myself that I haven’t done in many years. This is one of them…making a sourdough starter. If you are reading this, you can find many good starter recipes online, but you only need one to get going. Once you get it going, it’s almost like having free food as long as you have flour and water. You can use your sourdough culture to make many different recipes. The first one, I made was an improvisation from a recipe I found on Pinterest. However, it called for blueberries that I didn’t have. Instead I used finely chopped walnuts and cinnamon. They turned out very tasty and definitely have already been requested to make again from the hubs. Have some fun and be creative adding your own favorite ingredients.

Some important things to know about sourdough:

  • you will need to feed it (half amount of flour to an equal amount of water) at least once a week (two times is even better). You probably want to slow down it’s feeding by putting it in the fridge when not using. You will still need to feed though as already mentioned. When preparing to use your sourdough, remove from fridge and feed equal amounts flour and water at least 3-4 hours before you start baking. You will know your sourdough is doing good when you see some small bubbles on top.
  •  Do not store in or use metal utensils when working with sourdough, as sourdough can pit them (Baking in metal pans is okay). Store your starter in a crock or glass jar with lid that just sits on top. It does not need to be airtight as sourdough uses cultures picked up from the air in your home, which helps with the flavor of your sourdough culture. Wooden, plastic, or silicone mixing spoons work well.
  • Be sure to keep at least a 1/2 cup – 1 cup of sourdough with each bake so you do not deplete your supply.  If you find you have too much: you can discard, share, or find other uses with many sourdough recipes online. If your sourdough smells foul or turns black, discard and start over. You can learn more online if you have questions about sourdough baking.

Since we still need to care for our families, ourselves, and each other;  I will try to post more helpful articles to come in caring for yourself or others, so please check back or follow my blog. In the meantime — take a breathe, maybe do some meditation, pray, get out in nature if you can safely (even just for a short walk), exercise, and find some activities that help bring you some peace and calm. If you found this post helpful, consider posting a comment or photo about what you made. Thinking of you and yours wherever you may be. Thank you for visiting today~  terre

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Reaching for the Stars…

Blog Post-Jul2019-tch.

Everybody has dreams that they really hope to do someday. Mine was going on to school and getting to choose my own career, to be a nurse! No one in my family had ever gone to college or the university before. Could I do it? Was it scary? Yes and yes! At least I would give it my best shot if I ever got even the remote chance to try. The thing was, I would never know if I didn’t try. Was it hard? Yes!!! But whatever your dream to do is, if it’s not hard wouldn’t everybody be doing it? Would it be worth it?

Whatever your dream is, do you have a start plan? You don’t need to have the whole thing mapped out, though it does help if you are planning a dream trip to a far away land. The important thing is to start if you can find a way… and you will make it happen! What is your dream? If not now, when?

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Getting Started

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Sometimes all we have to do is just take that first step and get started and not keep putting off what is important. Yes, life gets in the way! However; how can we be creative or carve out the time for that one thing on our bucket list, or finishing what is considered the most important project, while still doing all that has to be done and done today? Prioritizing every day, putting the important step(s) on the calendar. As one of my favorite professors used to say, Just chunk it down, one step at a time… and yes it will happen!

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