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Decluttering Our Nest, Home

“Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful.”   ~ William Morris

(As we move closer to winter and being indoors more, I find myself cleaning out and getting rid of stuff. I am kind of like a bird making my nest cozy. Of course, many of them are flying south for the winter which also sounds like a plan. Since the seasons continue to change, I think it is timely to reblog the post below that was one of the first I wrote. I hope you enjoy. I would also like to thank all my followers who have stuck with me through this learning process of doing and learning about this blogging world. — So a huge Thank you! ~ terre ) 

While it is good to be blessed, some of those blessings that come in forms of “stuff” can become overwhelming! Sometimes a life event such as a birth of a child that you need to make room for, downsizing, or moving to a new house or even office; especially a long distance move, can force you to make some hard decisions about what to keep and what to take. Often this motivation is fueled by the cost to ship, move, or will it fit in the car or trailer. The point is, it may be easier to simplify and de-clutter along your life journey than later when someone accumulating has been in the same house for a long time, say 30 or more years.

A lesson on how to do this efficiently and within budget can probably be learned from our military families who often move frequently. Recently I learned about an intriguing idea that I personally have found useful, especially in letting go of sentimental items that I really do not need to keep any longer. This idea is from the work of Marie Kondo*, author and organizing consultant, who suggests asking yourself does the item bring you joy? If it does not, can you give it “gratitude” for serving you in the past and then let it go?

Yes, I thought “thanking” inanimate objects might seem kind of silly, but I have found it useful for those harder items that I felt I needed to hold onto throughout the years. I have also found that it is better to save sorting through the sentimental items, pictures, and paper files for another day all its own when you are especially ready, time-wise and emotionally to do this. Saving the harder items for another day will not impede your progress “today” when you are really wanting to get some noticeable de-cluttering done. Remember, the goal is to bring you happiness and peace to your space! De-clutter and simplify until you reach your comfort zone.

Comfort zones are individual and may change depending on where we are in life.
Below is a check list to help you in your own goal of simplifying and de-cluttering.

“7 Simple Questions to Help You to De-clutter Your Space”

1. What is it’s purpose in your life?
2. Do you use it? (When was the last time?)
3. Do you need it?
4. Do you really enjoy and appreciate it?
5. Does it have sentimental value?
6. Can you live without it?
7. Can you “Thank” it for serving its purpose and then re-home it? (Pass it on to an admirer of the object, sell, donate, throw it away)

Of course, I am not advocating that you go bare bones. Remember it depends on “your” comfort level. And let’s face it, there are some things that each of us have that we will probably never get rid of as they remind us of another time too precious to forget in our lives. I know for me two items that bring me joy are two tiny pottery treasures made by my sons little hands that continue to hold their place of honor on the mantle. So here is to making your own nest into what makes you comfortable and happy. Live, Love, Laugh, and Learn.


Thank you for visiting. ~ terre

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Hello October


Pumpkin rolls, caramel apples, warm cider, 

Oh my, I can already feel my hips getting wider. ~ 

Hello October!  The coming of Fall is near in the Northern hemisphere… 

While our friends down under get ready to welcome Spring.

Enjoy, the great flip-flop of the seasons. 


Thank you for visiting and have a lovely day wherever you call home. ~ terre

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*Pumpkin image Courtesy of Canva.

Quilting – Portable Design Wall

Portable Design Wall, Quilting

Quilting – Portable Design Wall

I have been missing in action for the last week due to being busy doing some charity quilting, which I’ve never done before until now in retirement. To show appreciation to our local law enforcement officers throughout our county, we have an ambitious goal to do one for everyone of them by next May for National Law Enforcement week. But it is a surprise, so don’t tell.

I have friends that have a large room for their sewing, including a permanent design board on one wall. However, even though I don’t like to admit it, crawling all around on the floor is not as comfortable as it once was. Also, my sewing room is about the size of a pantry, but it is mine and I am happy with where it is in my house. So, with that being said, I have improvised with a temporary design wall.

It is made with just an extra-long piece of wood (think yard stick size but longer), some mid-size or large office clips and 2-3 small nails with heads on them. Two or three will actually be used to hang your new wall on the nails, but several more clipped across the top are nice to audition strips of fabrics.

Hanging Clips for Portable Design Wall, Quilting Tips

You will also need a folding white sheet of fabric like flannel, or the flannel back of an old-fashioned wipeable tablecloth, or you can purchase one that is heavier than flannel. It must have a nap, so that your fabric will stick to it without pinning. I initially started out last year with white flannel but ended up cutting my design walls twice when I needed hard-to-find flannel to put inside face masks that I was making. So, my latest version, I bought from Missouri Star Quilt Company (MSQC) when it was on sale. It is heavier and not appropriate for face masks. Oh… then you need a large wall where you can leave it up for a few days. Having understanding family members helps. Mine is next to the kitchen table. But if I had little ones eating there, it would probably be somewhere else.



When I am not using the design board, it is easy to take down and put away. The other good thing that I have found about a design wall, is you can ‘audition’ your fabrics and get a better view of how they are going to look before cutting. Seeing things from eye level certainly can have its advantages. I have included photos here of my simple, but efficient solution for making a design wall… and saving the knees. Happy Quilting!       ~ terre


Thank you for visiting. ~ terre

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Sunny Saturday

Photography by Terre, Sunny Saturday, Yellow flowers,

Happy tall Black-eyed Susans that a friend and I swapped when dividing our different plants a couple of years ago. They are now blooming in great abundance this year. They love the hot summer weather…  Gorgeous wildflowers! ~

Thank you for visiting. ~ terre

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Not Quilting Enough, Drama

Need a little motivation? The Flying Geese quilt block behind these words was much easier than I thought. They ended up in a couple of large blocks for a sampler lap quilt. When life seem to get a little intense, as sometimes it will, the sewing room I have found is a good place to escape… at least for a while. Happy Quilting.

Thank you for visiting. ~ terre 

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Holidays – Independence Day Celebration United States

Celebrating the 4th of July, Independence Day

Happy 4th of July! Have a great holiday weekend and some fun celebrating. 

Thank you for visiting. ~ terre

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*Image Courtesy of Canva

Bloomin’ Saturday


Leaf Lettuce and Marigolds, In My Garden,

Leaf lettuce and marigolds growing all bright and pretty in a large flower pot on the patio. This is my first time growing lettuce. It is unbelievable how easy it grows. I should have done this a long time ago. It is a cool weather crop and reseeds itself if you let it get taller than 12 inches.

But if you harvest it when it is between 6 -11 inches tall, it will grow again right where it is. Since it prefers cool weather, moving it into partial shade can help prolong its production when the weather starts to get too warm. It is just fun that I actually had something for the table that was so easy! I look forward to planting again in the fall for a late cool crop.

It is an endless salad bowl. It is like free food and tastes so good, especially when you can just step out the back door to get. It doesn’t get any fresher than that. Happy gardening. ~

Thank you for visiting. ~ terre

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