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Leaf Lettuce and Marigolds, In My Garden,

Leaf lettuce and marigolds growing all bright and pretty in a large flower pot on the patio. This is my first time growing lettuce. It is unbelievable how easy it grows. I should have done this a long time ago. It is a cool weather crop and reseeds itself if you let it get taller than 12 inches.

But if you harvest it when it is between 6 -11 inches tall, it will grow again right where it is. Since it prefers cool weather, moving it into partial shade can help prolong its production when the weather starts to get too warm. It is just fun that I actually had something for the table that was so easy! I look forward to planting again in the fall for a late cool crop.

It is an endless salad bowl. It is like free food and tastes so good, especially when you can just step out the back door to get. It doesn’t get any fresher than that. Happy gardening. ~

Thank you for visiting. ~ terre

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Even though we have already had the winter solstice, for those of us in the thrust of winter, sometimes it seems that the early darkness won’t get shorter anytime soon. While wintertime can be long, especially January; the plus side is this is the season to get your Hygge on!

Maybe you will just get cozy and embrace all those favorite things that make snuggling up so fun to do.

Some simple and easy ways to get your Hygge on are:

  • have a favorite warm drink
  • put on some soothing or favorite music
  • read a good book or more
  • change up your environment with new scents
  • changing your lighting can change your mood
  • watch a favorite movie
  • take a short nap with a cozy throw
  • wear your favorite soft sweater, even if it is old
  • enjoy a cozy fire or just enjoy some quiet time watching it snow
  • make a favorite family dish

While Hygge can mean different things for each  of us, it all involves enjoying the moment. What are those small things that make a day special for you? How long has it been since you have done your favorite?  By changing up our routines and doing something we enjoy that is cozy and involves the senses, it can help make us less prone to affective seasonal disorder and depression. It can lift our outlook and attitude when we incorporate some time especially for those simple things we enjoy and that gives us little breaks in our day to look forward to. Even at the end of a very busy day, just something short and cozy can make it just right. So what are we waiting for… let’s get our Hygge on!

Thank you for visiting. ~ terre

Terre’s Blog – Women of All Seasons  (c)2021

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