May your days beWhatever we can do to help encourage someone, lift them up, or just share a kind word or act of kindness; it all matters no matter how big or small. Maybe it’s just sending a card, checking by phone on someone, just calling to say hello, or just listening… Each of us can make a difference. Thank you for visiting today ~

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Be Gentle With Yourself, You're Doing the Best You Can.

Whether you are doing your part by staying in social distancing, working to serve others or taking care of your family; don’t be too hard on yourself. Be sure to do something today just for you. Maybe it’s fixing your favorite warm drink, opening a window for fresh air or listening to the birds sing… just take a moment to slow down and take a breathe. Be gentle with yourself and with those you are with. Turn off any negative self talk while doing what you have to do. You’re Doing the Best You Can! That’s all any of us can ask of someone, including ourselves.  Take care.  terre~

Terre’s Blog – Women of All Seasons


Getting Started

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Sometimes all we have to do is just take that first step and get started and not keep putting off what is important. Yes, life gets in the way! However; how can we be creative or carve out the time for that one thing on our bucket list, or finishing what is considered the most important project, while still doing all that has to be done and done today? Prioritizing every day, putting the important step(s) on the calendar. As one of my favorite professors used to say, Just chunk it down, one step at a time… and yes it will happen!

Thank you for visiting Terre’s Blog – Women of All Seasons!

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Beautiful You

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You are beautiful just the way you are! Yes, it is true! I like to think of it as “I am a work in progress” as it is not bad to have goals, including at least one for self-improvement. I believe that we are often our own worst critics. I can’t wear that dress because I want to lose at least ? pounds (kg’s). I won’t buy that new bathing suit that I really need until I can look good in it. I won’t wear sleeveless because I have too many freckles. My nose is too big … and on and on. We probably each have our personal wish list even if it is just one thing we would like to change. Often it is something that we focus on that other people can immediately see. Truthfully, we might be the only one who even focuses on it, but somewhere along the line, our inner voice started telling us that maybe we were less than worthy or not perfect.

It is times like these, that I remind myself that I need to be kind to me. It’s okay to continue with that new fitness plan. But maybe it’s also a good time to tell myself that there are many parts to being a person that makes each of us beautiful in our own way.

I won’t remind us of the cliché about beauty being more than skin deep, even though it is true. There are no better champions of telling you this is true than a small child too young to be untruthful. They don’t care about your size, your hair color, your nose, etc. They just get excited when you spend time with them doing something they want to do!

So when I feel not less than beautiful (or even less than that description), I tell my inner critic to go away and the perfect person does not exist. Then I look for something to treat myself such as bringing myself flowers or buying that new outfit anyway! What makes you feel beautiful or pretty?

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