Just Enjoy…

How many times are we in such a hurry, that we miss what is lovely right in front of us? In a rush, rush world, it is so easy to be focused on other things such as screens, texts, people not with us, that we miss the gifts of beautiful moments that are ours to savor and enjoy. Those little things that we will appreciate later as beautiful memories of being present with those in our lives face to face.

 Maybe it is just listening to a little voice talking about what is happening in their life. Or a teenager who is actually talking to you about what is important to them. Maybe your spouse or grown up kid sharing a funny joke, or family members playing games and telling stories.

Whether you believe it or not; we all have those unexpected lovely moments, whether with family, with neighbors, friends, or even those we meet for just a few moments in our communities such as those at the local coffee shop or library. We just have to slow down, so we don’t miss them. I hope you all find your special moments!

 Thank you for visiting today! 

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