Diagnosis: Books

tcholland c.2018

I have this disease called “Books”
they’re hidden in
every cranny and nook.

I’ve run out of room,
—it’s true,
but still I go
aborrowin and alookin
to find just one more book.

The basement is full
the attic too
shelves line the garage
they’re on the ceiling too.

I guess I’ll have
to dig a well
one without water
but “very” deep
and there more
new books
I will keep.

Many more books, I can seek,
have no doubt
I will find them very well.
And when that well is full,
you will see,
I’ll dig a new well
for my disease.


tcholland  c. 2018





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  1. We made a cross country move about 16 years ago, and I donated all my books. Then I bought new books for a few years and donated them to a friend who read them and then gave them to a nursing home. But, about 12 years ago, I became a frequent flyer at my local library. I like not having to find a space for them, and it is kind of like recycling which I’m a big proponent of. Love my local library, but most of all I love reading. 🙂

    1. Hi Judy, I love that you “recycled” your books! I often find new treasures there, I also donate or share with friends. It helps that I decided that my collection has to live within “their space” (bookcases) that I have. No, I don’t add more bookcases. I’m with you on libraries. They are some of the best places and best bargains! Happy reading! Thanks for stopping by!


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