Poetry – Treasure Chest

Poetry, Treasure Chest,

~  Treasure Chest ~

Ribbed and smoothed, some shaped as the nautilus chamber,

seashells scattered chipped and shorn,

tiny shipwrecks all wave-tossed and thrown.

Laid barren on final sandy shores,

some whitish or darkish hues,

others too, glistening remnants of watery jewels.

Abalone, lavender flowing, mother of pearl

splayed wide open in final homage.

                                                                                                                            ~ terre


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Terre’s Blog – Women of All Seasons. (c)2021

*Photo taken on 2006 trip to Hunting Island Beach, South Carolina, USA. a natural, maritime, forest beach that remains undeveloped.  This S.C. State Park is a tidal island landscape that is always changing as it is impacted heavily by weather. It is one of my absolute favorite places to visit.    



~ Peace ~

I know you don’t want to be here.

Me neither,

it is too near.

But time will not allow

us to disregard the matter at hand,

so compose yourself,

as I will too,

soon we will be done

and out of here.

Then we can go back to our

mutual ignoring each other.     

~ tch


Thank you for visiting. ~ terre

Terre’s Blog – Women of All Seasons. (c)2021


Terre's Poetry, Poems,

 ~ Come My Friend ~

                                       Far away,

                                             we will search high and low.

                                                    We will sail across seas so blue.

                                                            We will fly on moon dust high.

                                                                  Come my friend, side by side,

                                                                        we will search far and wide.

                                                                                                             ~ terre

Thank you for visiting. ~ terre

Terre’s Blog – Women of All Seasons. (c)2021

  • Image Courtesy of Canva


Poetry, Haiku   Snails trenching in sand,

palmettos bending in wind.

Pelicans fly past. ~ 


Thank you for visiting. ~ terre

Haiku,  Poetry, and Photography by Terre (c) 2021.

Terre’s Blog – Women of All Seasons

Image taken of Natural Maritime Forest at edge of beach, Hunting Island, South Carolina, USA 

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