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Bee kind

You don’t always know what people are going through. Some go through tough times with a smile on their face and you would never guess.  You never know what a little something of just being nice can mean to someone, just to cheer them up, or just to be there in the moment. So just Be Kind, even the grumpy ones, who may need it the most.

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Often less is more and lets you appreciate something more than you would than if it is part of a larger picture, collection, grouping, conglomeration — you get the drift. No I am not a Minimalist, but I find that I can be overwhelmed by too much of a good thing. Bling, fashion, decorating, too many activities at the same time. Less can lead to a greater spirit of relaxation, enjoyment, and being casual. But then, less can also lead to something very elegant, such as a single strand of pearls, which can be worn for casual or fine dress. Keeping it simple can often enhance our fun in the journey of life, by not having to spend too much time in the preparation, which makes more time for what matters to us most! Funny how simplicity works sometimes.

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do what is rightnot what is easy

Almost everything is done, actually a little ahead this year, which is a great feeling! But then I have already entered into the land of cutting back or cutting out so that I can get it all done.  Baking is in my first cut to go, though there is a pretty nice looking pumpkin pie done. Hopefully, it tastes as good as it looks! I still need to bake an fresh apple spice cake for those who don’t like pumpkin pie, plus it is a brand new recipe that I did earlier this fall that was a big hit. Did you know though that St. Valentine’s Day is also a very good day to make sweets too? Will just move some of the sweets agenda to then. Nothing like thinking ahead. Besides it will be good for all of our Fitbit tracking as we start looking at our next year resolutions, right?

One of the UFO (unfinished object), a beach quilt, that has taken up residence on my sewing table more years than I can remember, is nearly ready for wrapping as a BIG surprise! Woo Hoo !  Some other homemade gifts are done, that’s “my ahead of schedule part”, as I’m usually still working into the wee mornings of the very last day to finish them. Exactly why I decided to not make my wedding dress. So see, I’m finally learning  after all this time how nice it is to finish up earlier.

Too busy to slow down? What can be pared down? Do you really need all the great things you had planned or wanted to try this holiday? There are some great shortcuts out there you know. There are also other special occasions and holidays to spread all those new recipes around. Trust me on this, store boughten bake goods will still be eaten. (I must remember this for next year). You can keep some things warm a little ahead in the crockpot or broaster oven if you have one. Of course, for wrapping, gift bags are way so easy.

Then when you finish up early, you can put your feet up, put on those Christmas socks, while you sip on eggnog (or wine), listen to Christmas music or watch Christmas Story, or whatever makes you feel the holiday best.  We’re supposed to have a White Christmas here, so maybe I’ll just turn out the lights and watch the earth turn all snowy white while big fluffy flakes float down in the winter light.  Merry Christmas & Good Night!

” 7 Simple Tips to Help You Survive the Holidays”

“An open home, an open heart, here grows a bountiful harvest.” — Judy Hand Terre's Blog - Women of All Seasons c.2017 (8).png

Holidays while a time to celebrate can often be stressful. It is a time to gather with family and friends. Some of those you may not see but only a few times a year if even that much.

Now in all the holiday togetherness everyone comes together to celebrate, talk, usually share at least one meal and sometimes more. Add in stressful long travels, crying children, pets, perhaps those partaking of other ‘holiday spirits’, and maybe sharing too much togetherness in one space, and suddenly your best holiday event may just be turning into too much to handle. Here are some tips to not only survive but hopefully help you keep it fun, loving, and memorable in a good way.

“7 Simple Tips to Help You Survive the Holidays”

  • Take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest. When you are feeling your best, you can better handle whatever you encounter.
  • Don’t overbook or try to do too much. Let others help. Simple is okay and can still be nice and even elegant.
  • Take control of your time. If you are visiting, set a time limit on how long you will visit that you feel is reasonable, but still polite.
  • Spend your time with people you like, including favorite relatives or friends as much as possible. Do not engage in negative conversations, especially those bringing up sensitive subjects or past disagreements.
  • If you feel totally stressed out or dread the holiday, is there something new you would enjoy doing to perhaps start a new tradition?
  • Don’t let past memories or guilt dictate your holiday. Live in the moment and enjoy!
  • It’s okay to leave early if you are ready. Don’t let guilt prolong your visit if you are having to do your very best to stay.

Some people struggle with the holidays for various reasons often unknown to others. It helps everyone if we all remember this and be extra understanding and kind to one another. Perhaps someone has recently lost a loved one, or has negative memories of past holidays, or there are just too many big people, little people, and furry ones with changed routines in one gathering space. I just try to remember Thanksgiving is a time to truly give thanks for all of our blessings and opportunities that have been bestowed on us. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and yours!

*This article is to be informative only. If you feel you are in need of  mental health professional services, please contact your local medical or mental health provider. Thank you. 

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