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Almost everything is done, actually a little ahead this year, which is a great feeling! But then I have already entered into the land of cutting back or cutting out so that I can get it all done.  Baking is in my first cut to go, though there is a pretty nice looking pumpkin pie done. Hopefully, it tastes as good as it looks! I still need to bake an fresh apple spice cake for those who don’t like pumpkin pie, plus it is a brand new recipe that I did earlier this fall that was a big hit. Did you know though that St. Valentine’s Day is also a very good day to make sweets too? Will just move some of the sweets agenda to then. Nothing like thinking ahead. Besides it will be good for all of our Fitbit tracking as we start looking at our next year resolutions, right?

One of the UFO (unfinished object), a beach quilt, that has taken up residence on my sewing table more years than I can remember, is nearly ready for wrapping as a BIG surprise! Woo Hoo !  Some other homemade gifts are done, that’s “my ahead of schedule part”, as I’m usually still working into the wee mornings of the very last day to finish them. Exactly why I decided to not make my wedding dress. So see, I’m finally learning  after all this time how nice it is to finish up earlier.

Too busy to slow down? What can be pared down? Do you really need all the great things you had planned or wanted to try this holiday? There are some great shortcuts out there you know. There are also other special occasions and holidays to spread all those new recipes around. Trust me on this, store boughten bake goods will still be eaten. (I must remember this for next year). You can keep some things warm a little ahead in the crockpot or broaster oven if you have one. Of course, for wrapping, gift bags are way so easy.

Then when you finish up early, you can put your feet up, put on those Christmas socks, while you sip on eggnog (or wine), listen to Christmas music or watch Christmas Story, or whatever makes you feel the holiday best.  We’re supposed to have a White Christmas here, so maybe I’ll just turn out the lights and watch the earth turn all snowy white while big fluffy flakes float down in the winter light.  Merry Christmas & Good Night!


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