Good Friends

Getting together with good friends is like a breath of fresh air&An instant party!“I am as willing to cradle my own heart as I am to cradle others”. I allow others to nurture and support me.”  ~ Sue Patton Thoele 

It doesn’t seem to matter how long it has been since you’ve last seen each other, it always seems like just yesterday when you get together with good friends! You know, the kind of friends that you have been through thick and thin together. The kind of friends where you can be yourself and that it doesn’t matter if the house is spotless before they come over, because guess what? They could care less! Chances are you have all been to each others houses over time for spontaneous get togethers, to help each other out, hopefully not too many emergencies, and to just hang out. The kind of friends where you share each others secrets, there’s always way too much food, and most of all raucous laughter and joy can be heard coming from wherever you are gathered. This kind of friendship is a gift not to be taken for granted and to be treasured.

Diagnosis: Books

tcholland c.2018

I have this disease called “Books”
they’re hidden in
every cranny and nook.

I’ve run out of room,
—it’s true,
but still I go
aborrowin and alookin
to find just one more book.

The basement is full
the attic too
shelves line the garage
they’re on the ceiling too.

I guess I’ll have
to dig a well
one without water
but “very” deep
and there more
new books
I will keep.

Many more books, I can seek,
have no doubt
I will find them very well.
And when that well is full,
you will see,
I’ll dig a new well
for my disease.


tcholland  c. 2018





What Music Speaks to You?

Music ~The universal language that speaks to the soul ~

Music evokes joy, love, youth, places, and most of all memories of those we were with. Music can change your mood or transport us instantly back to another time. It can take us back into our childhood, a place, or to a love.  Do you have a favorite song or piece of music that speaks to you like no other that you would like to share?

Positively Happy

Terre's Blog - Women of All Seasons. c. 2018.png

What would it take to remove all or most of the negative from your life? If you don’t have any, then you are absolutely way ahead of many of us! Is there any one thing that would make things better? Would you like to improve a relationship, get a new job, or perhaps change your own attitude about something. Often some of these are the most difficult changes to make. I would also like to point out that it is better to only work on one or a few changes at a time. Also, while we can’t change others, we can change how we react to others or situations. So I am not suggesting that anyone quit a job or people, but ask is there a way that we can reframe our approach, our own attitude, or how much time we give to an activity that will bring greater satisfaction to our everyday lives? Is there a way to set some new boundaries for yourself to help bring a new positivity to your life?

Last year, I found myself choosing some of these changes for myself. But then some other changes I really didn’t think I wanted or planned on, but they happened regardless. It was very humbling and a huge reminder; that not everything is in our control, no matter how much we try to make it so. I went screaming and kicking against some of these changes. But almost a year later, I have found that the negative things are pretty much purged and I have gained a new found sense of peace. A peace that is a new norm that I am still adjusting to, but continues to bring happiness.
Is there any one thing in your life that you would like to change that you feel would make your life happier in the coming year?


**Disclaimer: The information here is to be informative and not to be instructive. If you feel you are in need of mental health counseling, please contact your local health provider. Thank you! 



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